2D fab is a proud partner of new the competence consortium BioGlue-Centre, a collaborative initiative to make Sweden a front runner in the development of bio-based adhesives. As a leader in graphene development, we are excited to contribute to this groundbreaking effort, driving innovation and fostering a greener future for industrial applications.


BioGlue-Centre is a collaborative effort between three universities and 12 companies, including 2D fab. With a shared focus on advancing adhesive technologies, the Centre addresses the critical need for sustainability by accelerating the development of bio-based alternatives within the adhesive industry.

Fossil-based adhesives – prevalent in sectors like furniture, construction and packaging – significantly contribute to industrial climate impact. Currently, these three sectors account for 25% of global adhesive consumption, presenting a significant demand for eco-friendly solutions. By transitioning to bio-based alternatives, we can mitigate our environmental footprint and foster a circular economy.

BioGlue-Centre, alongside 2D fab and other partners, plays a pivotal role in enhancing Sweden’s competitiveness in sustainable development and innovation. The Centre aims to establish itself as a global leader in adhesive research through groundbreaking advancements in three areas: raw materials and formulations, adhesive properties, and end-use requirements.

Supported by BioInnovation and Vinnova, the BioGlue-Centre represents a future where bio-based solutions, together with cutting-edge technologies like graphene from 2D fab, drive a sustainable and circular economy. Through collaboration and innovation, we are paving the way for a greener future.