In order to meet increased demand of graphene, 2D fabs increases production capacity to 10 tons per annum in 2020.


Foto: Frida Forsberg

2D fab’s hydromechanical process, which technically is uncomplicated to expand, is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2020. Extended quality control and higher degree of automation are two areas that at the same time will gain focus.

10 tons per annum is a good start in building a new Swedish industry

In support of the establishment of the plant, 2D fab receives approximately €170K from Vinnova’s strategic innovation program “Grafen”, which aims to increase the use of graphene in the Swedish industry. The money from the project “10 ton” will be used to develop a new exfoliator and implement it in an industrial process. The produced graphene is to be tested in a semi-finished product, which is then used as the input in an end product that is industrially manufactured by another actor participating in the project.

– 10 tpa (tons per annum) is a good start in building a new Swedish industry, which has a very large global market,” says Sven Forsberg, 2D fab’s CEO.

Energy efficient manufacturing

In the project “10 ton” – which lasts over 18 months and will be finalized in June 2020 – 2D fab is the project coordinator. Estimated funds are distributed over time and under different conditions, including compliance with the project plan.

– With large volumes, factors other than today will determine the production cost of graphene, not least the cost of energy. As we have an extremely energy efficient manufacturing method, we will be able to deliver the graphene at really attractive prices. We are on the market to be a leader and this project is a leap in that direction, concludes Sven Forsberg.