2D fab is intercalating graphene and graphite to improve electrical conductivity – providing the opportunity to further customize products.

doped-graphene copy

Best possible price/performance ratio

We work actively to improve our processes, something that applies to both raw material and products. A very interesting track that we follow is “doping” the graphene (intercalation). Between the graphene layers of graphite or multi-layer graphene, it is possible to get different chemical compounds to diffuse. This can give both graphite and graphene new properties and provide us with the opportunity to customize our products. Our target is to offer our customers the best possible price/performance ratio.

We have two ongoing projects focusing on doping. In the first, sponsored by EIT Raw Material, graphite is intercalated. It provides a graphite that is easier to exfoliate into graphene, but which also provides better electrical conductivity. This will be of great benefit when we expand our production.

Increasing electrical conductivity

In the second project, the graphene is doped, with the goal of increasing electrical conductivity, but also with the hope of increasing the thermal conductivity. Even here we see improved electrical properties, but unfortunately they diminish over time. We are now actively working to extend the life of doped graphene.