We are happy to announce that 2D fab has entered a collaboration agreement with a technology leader in the energy storage market segment.


Foto: Ivana Cajina

2D fab produces graphene and develops customer products using graphene. Our focus is on products that best utilize the inherent mechanical strength of graphene, such as bulletproof plastics, and/or its unique conductivity, both thermal and electrical. We see very large future volumes of graphene in both of these areas, and we have already had good cooperation within the polymer area. It is therefore very pleasing that we have now found an innovative industrial partner regarding thermal conductivity.

A steppingstone

The collaboration agreement is well in line with our ambition to become one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of graphene. As part of the agreement, we will also evaluate different strategies for production and delivery scale up. The agreement also gives us the opportunity to build relationships with an important and potentially very large customer, and we see it as a steppingstone to the market for products with extreme conductivity capabilities.