Granode Materials

2D fab AB has branched out its battery material business and formed a new company, Granode Materials AB, which will develop a new graphene-based anode material that makes lithium-ion batteries better and cheaper. Recently, a rights issue of 12 million SEK was carried out. The funds will be designated for product development and marketing. Investors include former head of SEB, Lars Thunell, and Almi Invest.

The increasing global demand for electric products, such as electric cars, household appliances and mobile phones drive the need for better and more durable lithium-ion batteries.

Makes batteries more sustainable

Granode Materials launches a patent-pending method, to produce the new developed graphene-based anode material for lithium-ion batteries. The manufacturing method is originally developed at Mid Sweden University in Sweden. The new graphene-based anode material’s properties, make it possible to use a smaller amount of anode material for the corresponding storage capacity, compared to traditional batteries. This enables development of more efficient batteries, meaning batteries will be smaller and lighter since there will be an increase the anode energy capacity. In addition, the price for the graphene anode material will be competitive. The goal is to launch the new anode material in 2025.

“We are very happy with the new company and the investments we have received. Now we can take the next step and continue to develop and test the material, and then scale up the production,” says Björn Forsberg, Acting CEO of Granode Materials AB.

Lars Thunell, one of the investors in Granode Materials, also joins as chairman of the board. Among other executive leadership positions, he has previously been the Head of SEB and the International Finance Corporation at the World Bank Group.

For further information contact:
Björn Forsberg
Acting CEO of Granode Materials AB

Read the press release from Almi Invest here (in Swedish).