Concrete has been used in buildings, roads, and bridges for thousands of years. Concrete is strong, resilient, and easy to produce, and although the material has been refined over centuries, we still believe concrete can be further developed and become more durable. By adding a small amount of our 2Dx® graphene, we can make concrete less prone to cracking, stronger and more durable.


We have listed some of the advantages with 2Dx® enhanced concrete.

1. Less prone to cracking

We believe that by adding a small amount of 2Dx® graphene into the mixture, we could reduce stress upon autogenous and drying shrinkage. We also believe that graphene could help control crack formation and crack propagation.

2. Increased tensile, flexural and compression strength

Enhancing tensile, flexural and compression strength with graphene would allow for more durable concrete. These effects on high strength concrete may be linked to reduced crack propagation.

3. Reduced water absorption

2Dx® graphene could help reduce microcracks in concrete. With lower porosity come reduced water absorption. This is important since reduced water absorption allows for reduced performance degradation and durability-related damage, creating a stronger, more long-lasting product.

Reducing CO₂ emissions with graphene

Did you know that graphene enhanced concrete could save large amounts of energy, and drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions? Check out our article on environmentally friendly concrete! 

Environmentally friendly concrete