In 1770, chemist Joseph Priestley coined the term “rubber”, and the material has since been a central part of our civilization. Rubber materials are incredibly useful, and their unmatched performance characteristics and vast application spectrum make them extremely competitive, often to the point where they are the only viable options.


However, the major drawback of almost all synthetic rubber materials is that they are derived from petrochemicals (mainly fossil fuels) and the industry is therefore facing increasing demands to develop more sustainable alternatives. This is a challenge that our unique graphene products can help you meet! By incorporating our 2Dx® rubber masterbatch into your rubber material, you can dramatically improve the properties of your products, making them more sustainable through increased durability, resource efficiency and recyclability.

Improve your products with 2Dx® graphene

1. Durability

By adding our 2Dx® rubber masterbatch to your rubber materials, typically at a rate of less than 1% of total material, you can significantly enhance key rubber product properties such as wear resistance, grip, mechanical properties, compression set and tensile strength, as well as thermal resistance and barrier properties against liquids and gases.

2. Sustainability

Our graphene can improve key properties for specific applications, increasing their lifetime and performance. Thereby you can reduce resource requirements for both materials and maintenance, making your products more sustainable from both an environmental and economic perspective.

3. Processability

Our 2Dx® rubber masterbatches are developed to be added directly to your rubber polymer mixes using your existing manufacturing processes, so there is no need to make major changes to your current production line. It also generates no particles, dust, or waste.

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