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We are happy to announce that 2D fab has relocated to bigger and better premises. Our new headquarters now include an industrial-sized production plant, R&D laboratory, and office space for our expanding group of employees.  

The demand for graphene is growing, and 2D fab is growing with it. For the past months our staff has been working hard in setting up the new production plant, located right outside of Sundsvall, Sweden. With our new plant, 2D fab provides a crucial function in the growing graphene industry.

­– The new plant gives us the rare ability to quickly scale up manufacturing at any given moment, which is one of our greatest assets in the long run, says Mikael Algvere, CEO at 2D fab.

Apart from the spacious production area, a laboratory has been set up as part of the company’s R&D investment. The laboratory’s primary function is to continuously develop new graphene products. Another huge benefit with the new premises is that it allows 2D fab to gather all its personnel under the same roof. Earlier, production and office were set in different buildings.

­– It is a great asset to have office and factory share a wall as it facilitates cooperation between various teams. Something that becomes increasingly important as our group of staff grows bigger, says Mikael.

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Later in June a grand opening will take place at 2D fab’s new premises. Something the company and its staff are looking forward to. The grand opening will be the starting point for a new chapter for 2D fab.

­­– We are entering a new phase of commercialization. Our new premises, especially the R&D laboratory, creates fantastic conditions for product development. We can’t wait to present our graphene to customers face to face again. We are also very happy to officially open our new headquarters for business on the grand opening in June, says Mikael.

2D fab’s manufacturing process is easily scalable and therefor suitable for industrial volumes. The scalability enables licensing and other very exciting business concepts. Additionally, 2D fab’s process is hydromechanical and very energy-efficient, making it more environmentally friendly.