graphene recycled rubber

In a collaboration between 2D fab and EcoRub, graphene will be used to strengthen recycled rubber and polymer. This will facilitate the transition to a more sustainable society through better resource utilization, hence reduced material waste.

Most rubber materials are made from fossil resources. The unique properties of rubber make it extremely competitive, often to an extent where it becomes the only possible alternative.

EcoRub is the first company in the world to use graphene in recycled rubber materials. Through the collaboration between 2D fab and EcoRub, graphene will be used in recycled rubber material to improve the properties of the recycled material, which creates new business opportunities and enables use in new products. In addition, the need for virgin fossil-based rubber will decrease as resources are utilized in a more sustainable way.

– For 2D fab, product development in collaboration with customers is a perfect arrangement. We are experts on graphene, and the customers are experts on their material and process. In this case, we are extra excited since EcoRub is a local partner that also shares our desire to help customers make better use of their resources, thus creating a more sustainable and circular business, says Helena Axelsson, CSO at 2D Fab.

–  Through this collaboration we believe that we will find new ways to improve recycled rubber products to produce new materials and products. Together, we can contribute to a strong and fossil-free industry with better resource and material utilization. This is an important step in the transition to a sustainable society, which really makes this an exciting collaboration, says Isac Andersson, CEO at EcoRub.


EcoRub is a world-leading, green-tech company that has developed technologies and processes for recycling rubber and polymers and converting recycled plastic and rubber into new material mixtures. This makes it possible to replace virgin plastic and rubber in new products, such as filaments for 3D printers.

Isac Andersson, CEO, EcoRub
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2D fab

2D Fab is one of Europe’s largest producers of green graphene, manufactured in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly process, suitable for volume applications. 2D fab possesses a broad knowledge of production and application of graphene and the company continuously works to develop and adapt graphene for optimal performance in its customers’ materials.

Helena Axelsson, CSO, 2D fab
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