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Joakim Melander is investigating the effects of graphene in polyurethane at 2D fab

Hello Joakim! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

­– Sure! I am currently studying Chemical Engineering at Uppsala University. I am in my final year, and I specialize in materials science. I have read a lot about nanotechnology, tribology and chemical energy storage, and graphene has been mentioned in many courses and contexts. As I have long been interested in chemistry, and find material development particularly fun, graphene really caught my interest. In the spring of 2021, I was looking to get myself a job for the summer. I was specifically looking for companies working with graphene in Sweden, and I came across 2D fab.

What have you been working on at 2D fab?

– I have been involved in many different projects. I have done everything from analysis to testing various surfactants for exfoliation. During one period of time, I tested molding polyurethane with graphene. That was so interesting it became the subject of my master thesis, which I am currently working on.

Interesting, please elaborate!

­– I am investigating the effects of graphene in polyurethane elastomers. The thesis also includes developing a method to add graphene to polyurethane, with good dispersion and on a large scale. With a very small amount of graphene, you can significantly increase the hardness and strength in polyurethane! Graphene is a such a unique material, and I believe it will play a major role in the production of high-performance materials in the future.