Hello Mikael, new CEO at 2D fab! Tell us about your background,

My background is in international business and business management. I have a strong passion and drive for commercializing new technology and businesses. I have previously been responsible for industrial sales and marketing in the process equipment industry, such as pumps, filters and heat exchangers in Asia and Europe.

At Tranter, I grew the sales of Plate Heat Exchangers in Asia and the Nordic markets. I was then chosen to be the expatriate in China as VP of Sales at Tranter International AB, for its new commercial and operational hub.

As CEO at Roslagsvatten AB, a utility business in the process industry, I expanded the company, increased market shares and restructured the business in operations, technical engineering, administration and services.

I will boost the production development as well as the production excellence

What will be your primary focus at 2D fab in the coming years?

My primary focus will be to identify applications where graphene will add value, hence growing sales and market shares in order to make 2D fab an international market leader. To accomplish the commercialization, I will also boost the production development as well as the production excellence.

How do you see the demand for graphene developing in the coming years?

Graphene, with its unique properties, will play a major role in improving future materials characteristics and technical abilities beyond today’s material capacities. Moreover, it will enable and enhance development for new demanding applications where conductivity, heat transfer and strength are central since these are properties that graphene magnifies.

I also believe new innovations will emerge from graphene’s unique properties, just as we have seen plastic and carbon fibre change our daily life in the past.