The demand for energy production and storage increases as the global population grows. In order to reach the goal of a fossil-free society batteries and supercapacitors need to become more sustainable. 2D fab has developed a scalable method for manufacturing a nanocomposite anode material with silicon nanoparticles (SiNP) in a graphene matrix.

silicon-graphene anode

We are aiming to realize a large-scale manufacturing process for our silicon-graphene anode material to be used in next generation lithium-ion batteries. To take full advantage of our opportunities, we need to gain a better understanding of how we can increase control of the process and of optimizing the anode material design.

The thesis work is formed to:

  • Investigate how the anode material design can be optimized with respect to its application in Li-ion batteries and what material properties are the key in achieving a good anode material.
  • Examine whether the process or process parameters can be modified to gain control of the material design.
  • Manufacture and characterize graphene-SiNP nanocomposites and evaluate and compare their performance with respect to the hypothesized optimal material.

To be successful in the role you must:

  • Be a master student in Materials Science and Engineering or equivalent
  • Have experience in lab work
  • Be familiar with graphene, graphite or similar carbon materials
  • Be able to work in an international research environment (good English skills required)

Location & Period

The thesis will be conducted at Luleå University of Technology and constitutes one semester (30hp) of fulltime studies. Start date may vary.

How to apply

Please send your CV and motivational letter to
If you have any questions please contact

Welcome with your application!