New production plant, new employees and several successful collaborations. A lot has happened for 2D fab lately, and before we take a short summer break, I want to summarize what we as a company have achieved over the past six months – and what we aim for in the future.


Foto: Frida Forsberg

The first half of 2020 has been overwhelming, to say the least. The global pandemic has affected us all. But despite the outbreak of Covid-19, everyday life has had to continue – albeit in a different way than before – and a lot has happed with 2D fab during this time. We began 2020 by strengthening the team with two very talented women – Kajsa, our new Production Manager, and Britta, who is working with product development within the electrode sector. We have also welcomed several new owners through our latest share issue and a very competent new Board of Directors which has a solid and fit-for-purpose experience.

Paper-based battery anodes

For the past years we have been exploring the possible markets for graphene. During this time, we have picked out four primary application areas where we believe our graphene has the biggest potential. These application areas are batteries, polymers, thermal conductivity and special chemistry, and we have had interesting and rewarding projects within all of them. One of our latest projects was with Kemind Srl, an Italian company developing new glue concepts for corrugators. By adding our graphene to the formula, the company has managed to increase production efficiency, reduce costs and improve quality for various corrugated board products. Our ongoing collaboration with Kemind shows us yet again just how extraordinary of a material graphene is, and a significant expansion of their new glue concepts is projected in the near future.

Graphene is still classified as a “new” material, and one of the most fascinating things about new materials, in my opinion, is that they have potential to greatly impact the future. One of the most pressing issues of our time is climate change, and in order to reach the goal of a fossil-free society batteries and supercapacitors need to become more sustainable. Lately, we have given batteries more and more attention at 2D fab. One example is that we are part of a research project aiming to develop large scale production of new electrical energy storage systems. Another example is that we are collaborating with a listed company to develop and commercialize paper-based battery anodes.

A serious player on the global graphene market

Beside climate change, healthcare has been a hot topic of conversion this spring due to prevailing circumstances, and it seems like graphene has a place in medicine as well. Graphene Flagship is investigating how graphene can help tackle the effects of covid-19. 2D fab is currently partnering up in a project set out to develop an antibacterial surface for medical devices. The technology has potential to minimize the damage caused by health-related infections that cause millions of patients a great deal of suffering every year.

Antibacterial surfaces, batteries and glue concepts – just some of our latest endeavors – say a lot about graphene and its enormous potential and wide usage. And as the graphene market continues to grow and the demand increases, we have seen a need to scale up our production capacity. This bring me to one of our biggest achievements this year – the launching of our new production facility. The new plant gives us the opportunity to deliver larger quantities of graphene to our customer, a major step towards 2D fab becoming a serious player on the global graphene market.

To sum things up, a lot has happened so far in 2020, both globally and for us as a company. I would like to thank all of our dedicated employees, without whom 2D fab would not be where it is today. But now it is time for a short summer break. We will be back again in August, well rested and ready to continue working towards our goal of becoming a major graphene manufacturer. Until then, stay safe, follow your country’s restrictions and have a very happy summer!

Sven Forsberg,