Johnny, Process Development Engineer at 2D fab
Foto: 2D fab


Hello Johnny, and welcome to 2D fab! Could you tell us about your background and why you’ve chosen this field of work?

– For the past twenty-six years I have been working within the chemical industry. I have had several different positions through the years, among them process operator and process supervisor. I have always been interested in process development and problem solving, and I enjoy optimizing processes and finding new ways for continuous improvements. After many rewarding years working for Expancel at Nouryon (formerly AkzoNobel), I am ready for something new!

What are your responsibilities at 2D fab?

– I will primarily be working with process development at 2D fab. Graphene is an absolutely fantastic material. It is stronger than steel, harder than diamond and many thousands of times thinner than human hair. But graphene is also a very new material, so naturally there are no templates for how to improve the production process to get the results wanted. We must find that out on our own ­– and that is what we are working on. Its challenging, but so much fun.

What do you believe will be the major end user-industry of graphene in the future?

– I am no expert on graphene yet, but I know the application areas are many. Graphene can be used in everything from rubber and plastic applications to steels and batteries. The demand for sustainable, efficient batteries is increasing day by day and if we were to implement graphene in batteries, I believe that would be a gamechanger.