2D fab is collaborating with EcoRub, a provider of greentech-recycled rubber and plastic, on a unique project to incorporate graphene in recycled rubber and polymer materials. We see great potential in improving the properties of recycled materials, which allows them to be used in new products, and creates new business opportunities.

graphene in recycled rubber

Today, around 60 million tons of plastic are produced annually in Europe. The global production of plastic is expected to increase over time, reaching 4 times its current level by 2050. The rubber industry today recycles practically zero industrial rubber. Instead, rubber materials are burned, which causes significant CO2 emission and new production demands. By improving the properties of recycled materials, we can contribute to greater circularity, better use of resources and reduced waste. As the use of virgin fossil-based rubber and polymers lessens, the transition to a more sustainable society is facilitated.

– To 2D fab, joint R&D ventures with our customers is a natural fit. Our expertise lies in graphene, and our customers’ expertise lies in their own materials and processes. In this case, we are even more positive, as EcoRub gets a locally based partner with strong shared values, and one with the drive to help our clients better use their resources to achieve a more sustainable and circular production,” says Helena Henke, CSO, 2D fab.

important steps towards the transition to a sustainable society

The collaboration between 2D fab and EcoRub are still in the early stages, but the results so far have been highly positive. In the initial tests of recycled materials like 3D filaments, we’ve been able to increase the production rate by over 20 percent.

– We expect that through this collaborative project, we will be able to find new ways to improve recycled rubber products and waste rubber and put them to use in new materials and products. Together, we can contribute to a strong and fossil-free industry with more efficient use of resources and materials, and thereby take important steps towards the transition to a sustainable society, which makes this a truly exciting partnership,” says Isac Andersson, CEO, EcoRub.


About EcoRub
EcoRub is a world-leading greentech company that has developed methods and processes for the recycling of rubber and polymers, and the conversion of recycled plastic and rubber into new material mixtures. These mixtures can be used to replace virgin plastic and rubber in new products, such as 3D printer filaments.

Read more about EcoRub on their website: https://www.ecorub.se/