Every year the Swedish trust fund Norrlandsfonden invest SEK 300 million in businesses with growth aspirations in northern Sweden. We have spoken to Per-Erik Persson, Business Analyst at Norrlandsfonden, about 2D fab, sustainability, and the re-industrialization of Sundsvall!

Norrlandsfonden 2D fab

Norrlandsfonden, founded in 1961, is a trust fund aiming to promote the development of companies with ambitions for growth in the Swedish counties of Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland, Jämtland and Gävleborg. Via various loan forms, guarantees or surety, they provide solutions for companies to top up and complement existing capital investment and financing.

– Every year we lend over SEK 300 million, which provides the opportunity for aggressive and forward-looking investments, and enables companies and people to grow, says Per-Erik Persson, Business Analyst at Norrlandsfonden.

Norrlandsfondens customers can be found across all business sectors, from production industry, service and tourism to IT and biotechnology. They are particularly interested in companies that invest in new technology or in new business areas with good growth potential. Norrlandsfonden and 2D fab have a long history, as dialogue between the trust fund and the company started back in 2016.

– The entrepreneurs and the team they surround themselves with is one of the most important assessment points in our analysis when we start a business relationship – and 2D fab is no exception. Sven and the team instilled great confidence, and in connection with the 2018 financing round, we decided to participate with a loan to 2D fab, says Per-Erik.

Growth potential and sustainability is key

Sustainability is an increasingly important part of Norrlandsfondens analysis. They assess both their customers’ products and the effects these products have on the environment.

– In 2D fab’s case, we have high expectations for graphene, and the effects of graphene entering industrial production stages, which we believe will have a positive environmental impact, says Per-Erik.

Parts of Norrland are facing very large industrial changes following green initiatives and ventures from among others, Norrlandsfonden. Northern Sweden is also undergoing a re-industrialization.

– In ten years, I have high hopes that Norrland, and Sundsvall, has re-industrialized with a reliable chain of qualified raw materials – where 2D Fab has the potential to be an important piece of the puzzle, Per-Erik concludes.

Read more about Norrlandsfonden on their website: https://norrlandsfonden.se/