What is 2D fab’s biggest strength? And why is this a perfect time to invest in sustainable deep-tech? We have caught up with Ludvig Nauckhoff, Chairman of the Board at 2D fab, to let him answer some of the most common questions about the company, the market and the future.


What is 2D fab’s biggest strength?

I believe 2D fab’s greatest asset is our patented technology for manufacturing green graphene. It gives us a great advantage as is could also be applied to other 2D-materials in the future. In addition to our patented technology, we have a strong team and a large-scale commercial production plant that we are ready to scale up together with customers. The combination of these key factors is what we believe separates us from our competitors, placing us at the forefront of the Swedish graphene industry.  

How does 2D fab fit into the industry?

2D fab is committed to solving the challenge of making products and processes sustainable without having to compromise on performance. We do this by offering green graphene, which enables the same or better performance when replacing non-sustainable chemicals or developing new products in a more sustainable way.

What is 2D fab’s greatest accomplishment in the last year?

I would say that our biggest accomplishment of 2023 is the immense progress we have made together with our customers. We have joined forces with quite a few major companies to develop different types of solutions for the future, and they are all very promising.

“We estimate that 2D Fab can scale up to a profitable company in 2024/2025”

The graphene market has been expected to explode for quite some time now, why has it not happened already?

Graphene as a material has demonstrated great potential, and therefor created great expectations. But with new materials come new challenges. One of the biggest difficulties has been for customers to integrate graphene into their existing products and processes. We therefore believe that it is critical not only to supply graphene to our customers, but to help them as they set off to solve their problems and improve their products and processes with graphene. Having focused on this, we have made great progress with our customers, and we believe that the graphene market will start to accelerate and grow towards its potential.

What does the future hold for 2D fab?

Within the next couple of years, we will produce and sell large quantities of graphene and become a profitable company. Our long-term goal is to be a leading supplier of green graphene, and an established business partner in 2D materials and sustainable solutions.

Why is this a good time to invest in 2D fab?

The market potential is huge, and we are ready to unlock it. We have a great team, ongoing and promising collaborations with customers, and we have scaled up our technology and production to a point where we can take lager commercial orders. We estimate that 2D fab can scale up to a profitable company in 2024/2025.



2D fab is a large-scale manufacturer of green graphene, located in Sundsvall, Sweden. The company started as a spin-off from Mid Sweden University and has twice been awarded a place on Ny Teknik’s prestigious 33 list, which ranks the most promising technology start-ups in the country. With its unique properties, graphene has the potential to play a pivotal role in sustainable material development, and the market is expected to grow by more than 40% each year during this decade. With a patented technology and an easily scalable production process, 2D fab has positioned itself at the forefront of the Swedish graphene industry.

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