Adhesives, better known as glues, are used in a huge variety of applications such as packaging, building and construction, transportation and consumer products. There exist over 500 000 (!) different adhesives, all specialized for certain substrates, applications and user requirements. For the development of new and better adhesives – graphene is a very promising additive!

Just add a very small amount of 2Dx® Graphene to the adhesive, and the following advantages can be attained:

1. Higher productivity

2Dx® Graphene can increase the productivity by lowering the drying temperature, decreasing the glue consumption, and increasing the production speed

2. Stronger bonds

Graphene is the strongest material known to man. By adding a very small amount of 2Dx® Graphene to your glue, you can improve its adhesion and bonding strength.

3. New functionalities

2Dx® Graphene can provide new functions to your adhesive. Typical properties include electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and diffusion barrier properties.

2D fab has had several partners/customers within the adhesives market, primarily in materials development, including adhesives in corrugated board  –  read our customer case Kemind here.

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