The history of plastics is long, but it would take until 1907 before the first fully synthetic plastic material was patented. Ever since, plastics has developed and found its way into an infinite range of products. Today it is possible to mix  plastic composites with graphene, giving the material new and better properties. We have listed three advantages of polymers containing graphene.

1. New applications

When graphene is mixed with other materials its properties are transferred, creating a unique cocktail within material technology. For example, graphene has very good thermal and electrical conductivity. Transferring these properties to plastic composites pave the way for many new applications.

2. Improving properties

By adding graphene in plastic composites, you can improve the properties the material already has. For example, graphene can increase a material’s strength and improve resistance to supersonic impacts, the latter being important in ballistic applications, such as body armor systems and shields.

3. Good processability

The production is compatible with existing manufacturing processes, so there is no need to make major changes to current production line e.g. injection molding or extrusion of thermoplastics. The process also increases productivity and cause less tool wear, due to graphene contributing to better thermal conductivity and being a very gentle additive compared to others commonly used, e.g. fiber glass.

2D fab has had several partners/customers within the polymer market, primarily in materials development, including composites for automotive and aviation.