A sunny summer day in June, we finally got to open the doors to our new combined office, lab and factory. Guests from across Sweden came to participate in the grand opening! An opening that was supposed to take place over two years ago, at a completely different venue. 

Blue and white balloons adorned the entrance as the guests arrived to 2D fab’s new premises. The sun shined, and sparkling wine accompanied the flowers on the tables as employees met and chatted with investors and associates. The weeks leading up to the opening, every member of 2D fab’s staff had been working to get everything ready. And as for the planning, well that started three years ago.

– In 2019 we began moving our production from the basement of our office to Valmet’s property. We were thrilled to see our production go from 1 to 10 tons per annum, and we wanted to share our joy with colleagues and partners. But along came the pandemic, and our plans for a grand opening was laid to rest. Being deprived of that has made this day so much more special, and we’re beyond happy to have had so many of our friends here to share this big moment with us, says Frida Forsberg, Market Coordinator at 2D fab.

Something special to take home – a piece of cardboard

While everyone was finishing their food and drinks, CEO Mikael Algvere and founder Sven Forsberg caught everyone’s attention from the top of the large staircase leading up to the office space. A blue ribbon had been placed across the stairs for the two to perform the ceremonial act so strongly associated with inaugurations. Mikael gave the scissors to Sven, who quickly gave them back. And as Mikael cut the ribbon, he said the winged words the company has been wait so long to hear;

– I hereby declare 2D fab’s new premises open!

Thereafter followed a tour of the production plant and laboratory, as well as a quiz walk and a presentation from Mikael where he talked about how 2D fab works and cooperate with customers, how far the company has come to date and of course, the future;

– A lot has happened for 2D fab in recent years. We have spun off our anode business into what is today called Granode Materials, we have developed the production apparatus and we have moved to our new premises. Graphene, 2D fab, this journey is full of exciting challenges and opportunities. It takes time, but nanotechnology, nanomaterials – that is the future. And we are facing the future right here, right now.

Before the guests went home, they got a gift bag, that among other things included a piece of cardboard. That may not sound like something special, but the cardboard had been shipped from our customer Kemind in Italy, and it contains 2D fab’s very own graphene. A souvenir to our friends, reminding them of Mikael’s words – the future is already here.