2Dx® Graphene

Graphene is an amazing two-dimensional material. It is stronger than steel, harder than diamond and a better electrical conductor than copper. Added to composites, coatings, and batteries, for example, it can enhance their preferred features, and performance, dramatically. Graphene is no longer a “future material” it is already being used as an additive in many products. For example enhancing the production efficiency and durability of corrugated board products (read our Kemind customer case here).

But is all graphene the same, no matter where and how it was produced? The short answer is no, all graphene is not the same. Flake size, quality, and if it’s made in a sustainable and cost efficient way, differs a lot.

2Dx® Graphene made without environmentally harmful chemicals

Our 2Dx® Graphene is manufactured in a patented, energy efficient and hydromechanical process free from environmentally harmful chemicals. It results in graphene that matches the desired end product’s characteristics, at the best market price. Our production process is designed for industrial manufacturing of fit-for-purpose graphene quality, so that we can tailor the price/performance ratio to match the need of your products. Thanks to our industrial manufacturing process, we can offer reliable production, whether you need a continuous or customer-demand-driven supply of graphene.

How 2Dx® Graphene is made!

  • Water based manufacturing
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Emission level close to zero
  • Energy efficient – uses less than 1% compared to similar methods
  • Made of natural graphite

This makes our graphene unique, and now we have put the label 2Dx® on it, so that you can distinguish it from all other graphene out there. The name itself is constructed out of 2D, as of graphene being a two-dimensional material, and as a reference to our company name, and then the x, giving your product superior features and a new level of performance.

The x-factor, if you will.

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